Concrete spraying machines series „SSB 14“ and SSB 24 have been designed for spraying concrete and refractory mixtures in the so-called dry way when the transported mixture gets moistened at the moment of spraying. The main advantage of this technology of spraying concrete is, in particular, its top rate of discharge from the jet (up to 30 m/s) which enables perfect consolidation of the concrete mixture and high strength of the sprayed concrete. Another important feature is the long-distance transfer which enables the application of concrete mixture at hard-to-access places (up to 300 m horizontally and 100 m vertically).

Gunite machines series „SSB 14“ and SSB 24 are used, in particular, to reinforce surfaces of engineering structures and the construction of waterworks, to reinforce the vaulting of tunnels and collectors in underground engineering, and to maintain concrete constructions. They are also used for spraying fire-resistant materials (refractory materials) in metallurgy and chemical industries. Concrete spraying machines can also be used for the transport of loose material in glassworks and ironworks.


  • easy handling due to the low weight of the machine
  • smooth regulation of the output (STANDARD and COM models)
  • belt drive preventing damage of the drive in the case of impulse stoppage of the machinery
  • remote control enables the regulation of the output by the jet operator (COM-F model)
  • fast and easy termination of operation without demanding cleaning of the machinery
  • possibility of long-distance transport of the concrete and transport to hard-to-access places (horizontally up to 300 m, vertically up to 100 m)
  • central lubrication prolongs the life of parts (sealing plates and the dosing drum)
  • low operational costs


princip fungovani

Working principle

Concrete spraying machines SSB work on the principle of pneumatic transport. A dry mixture (the natural moisture content of the transported mixture can be 7 % max.) for spraying or transport is poured into the chute and the pockets of the one-sided dispensing drum located underneath the filling chute are filled in evenly. To enable a smoother transport of the mixture into the dispensing drum, the machine is equipped with a vibrator and clearing equipment. The rotating movement of the dispensing drum moves the mixture along to the blower, and the stream of air pressure blows it further along to the transport hose. A spraying jet is mounted onto the end of the hose. Gauge water is led to the jet and the transported mixture gets moistened here. The required moistening is regulated by an inlet cock. The dosing drum is driven either by an electromotor or an air turbine.

The concrete spraying machines propelled by an electromotor are designed for work where there is no danger of methane explosion. When working in an environment where there is such danger, it is essential to use a concrete spraying machine with an air turbine. The machine can also be filled manually or using special mechanisms (such as a belt conveyer, silo). To make the handling of bagged mixtures easier, the chute has an extension with a screen and a saw for cutting the bags. The basic model is equipped with a manual lubricating gun which lubricates the abrasion surfaces of the sealing panel and the dispensing drum which prolongs the service life of these parts. Alternatively, each concrete spraying machine can be equipped with an automated central lubrication system that lubricates the specified places with specified amounts in specified frequencies to eliminate possible breakdowns caused by the human factor.


Concrete spraying machines SSB 14 are manufactured in 5 basic models with different propulsion systems and output regulations for each of the series.

The drive of the shotcrete machine is solved by a two-speed electric motor or a single-speed electric motor with a frequency converter enabling continuous power regulation. The basic power position of the machine is determined by the size of the dosing drum.

Model Drive Output regulation
STANDARD One-speed electromotor smooth – variable belt pulley
DUO Two-speed electromotor  two output positions – switch
COM-V One-speed electromotor smooth – variator
COM-F One-speed electromotor smooth – frequency invertor
COM-A Air turbine smooth


technicka data

Technical data

Parameter SSB 14
Output *) [m3/h] 0,5 - 3
Air consumption for transports of 40 m **) [m3/min] 2 - 5
Air pressure [Mpa] 0,5 - 0,6
Electromotor output [kW] 1,5;1,35 / 1,87
Mains connection [V] 3× PEN 400 V
Inner diameter for transport hoses [mm] DN = 25,32,40,50
Granularity of transported material [mm]

max. 16 for DN 40,50

max. 8 for DN 25,32

Horizontal transport distance [m] max. 300  
Vertical transport distance [m] max. 100


Parameter SSB 14
Length [mm] 1000
Width [mm] 780
Height [mm] 980
Weight (with no accessories) [kg] 300

*) These are theoretical values only. The actual output depends on the design of the transported mixture, the capacity of the source of the compressed air, the transport distance, and the diameter of the transport hose.

**) The data regarding the consumption of air is only approximate and depends on the momentary output of the machine, the transport distance, and the diameter of the transport hose.





practical demonstration

Practical demonstration





fields of application

Fields of application