The agitator for activated mixture DM 200 is used for maintaining the composition of the activated mixture before it enters the grouting pump. The machine is designed as part of grouting centre IC-1 or IC-2, i.e. with activating mixer AM 200 and grouting piston pump of the IC series. However, the DM 200 agitator can also be used for any grouting centre with another activating mixer and grouting pump.


  • simple operation
  • can be used separately or as part of an injection station
  • easy maintenance



princip fungovani

Working principle

The activated mixture is drawn into the final mixer from the activating mixer. Mixing is done by a perforated mixer made of flat steel. The mixer includes a steel spiral, which ensures that the whole volume is mixed if the filler level is higher. The mixer is powered by an electric motor.

The mixing tank is fixed to a stand in an oblique position so that the full volume of the tank is completely drawn off when the activated mixture is being drawn into the grouting pump. From the final mixer tank the activated mixture is sucked by the grouting pump. The outlet is closed by a hose valve.


technicka data

Technical data

Parameter DM 200
Activated volume [l] 300
Otáčky míchadla [ot/min] 47
Electric motor input [kW] 3,0
Mixture inlet through screen
Mixture outlet DN 40
Dimensions and weight
Length [mm] 1010
Width [mm] 800
Height [mm] 1735
Weight (with oil charge) [kg] 272





Practical demonstration


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princip fungovani

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