The grouting and plastering pumps are used for grouting, injecting, transporting or plastering of fine wet mixtures, in particular fine grouting mixtures, plaster mixtures, paint putty, putty coats, insulating coats etc. Grouting and mortar machines can be used widely not only in the construction industry, for underground and above-ground constructions, but also in the metallurgy and foundry industries.

These are universal machines based on the principle of the worm transport spindle. Their fields of application are determined by the selected transport spindle establishing the maximum transport output and pressure, and by the choice of transport accessories.

The machines with a higher transport output and lower pressure are, in particular, used as plastering and mortar machines, whilst machines with a lower output but higher pressure are used, in particular, as grouting machines for the injection of low granularity mixtures. These machines are also useful for simple transporting of wet mixtures.

We produce a wide range of models with the transport output of 6 – 120 l/min and pressure of 1,3 – 3,5 MPa.

More powerful grouting and mortar machines (18-50 l/min) can be equipped with an activation mixer or compulsory mixer which enables immediate processing of the mixture and simplifies the entire working procedure.


  • simple construction design enabling fault free operation
  • versatile use – simple replacement of the transport spindle for another type enabling the use of the machine for some other purposes (plastering, grouting, injection) and to transport different types of mixtures
  • possibility of smooth output regulation of the machine (models are equipped with a variator or frequency inverter)
  • models with mixers enable fast and perfect mixing of individual mixture components
  • possibility of processing of self prepared mixtures (models with a mixer)
  • very good mobility of the machine enabling its flexible use



princip fungovani

Working principle

C 50 DUO

Spindle grouting and mortar pumps, production line C (without a mixer), have their mixing drum filled with a liquid, pre-mixed mixture. The drum bottom is fitted with a mixing spindle with blades that transport the mixture towards the outlet from where the mixture is pushed to transport tubes by a metal worm mounted in a rubber casing. Depending on the application area, the transport tube end is attached with the necessary accessories such as a plaster nozzle or a grouting or a injecting needle. To ensure the operator’s safety, the mixture is filled into the drum through a protective screen or sieve. e.g. plastering nozzlejoint needle nebo grouting needle. To ensure the operator’s safety, the mixture is filled into the drum through a protective screen or sieve.



CM 20 COM-VSpindle grouting and plastering pumps, production lines CM and CA – with a compulsory mixer or an activation mixer – have the area right above the machine filling drum fitted with a mixing vessel which facilitates the processing of a perfectly mixed mixture without undesirable delays. The machine is filled with dry material that is added with a required water amount. Once the liquid mixture is mixed, it is discharged into the machine drum by opening the outlet segment on the machine bottom. To ensure the operator’s safety the mixer is equipped with a terminal switch that deactivates the motor whenever the lid is open. Grouting machines with a compulsory mixer or with an activation mixer are mainly suitable for mixtures that need to be mixed (activated) for a certain time before application. This principle also facilitates the preparation and processing of the self made mixtures (Pre-mixed mixture in bags do not have to be used.)

Individual grouting and plastering machine models are equipped with a one-speed or two-speed motor. The one-speed pumps run in one output mode (Standard version) or enable continual output regulation by means of a variator (COM-V) or a frequency converter (COM-F). The two-speed pumps can be run in two output modes that are selected by a switch (DUO).


technicka data

Technical data

Parameter C-6 Standard C-8 DUO C-8 COM-F C-18 COM-F C-20 Standard C-50 Standard C-20 COM-F C-50 COM-F C-120
Max. output [l/min] 6 12 12 18 20 50 20 50 120
Max. pressure [MPa] 1,3 1,3 1,3 3,5 3,5 3,5 3,5 3,5 1,5
Max. grain size [mm] 2 2 2 4 4 6 4 40 8
Max. transport distance [m] 20 20 15 30 40 40 40 40 40
Power input [kW] 1,5 1,5/1,9 1,5 2,2 3 5,5 3 5,5 7,5
Voltage [V] 400 400 230 400 400 400 400 400 400
Weight [kg] 58 70 90 98 150 230 200 290 288
Parameter CM-20 Standard CM-50 Standard CM-20  COM-F CM-50   COM-F CA-20   COM-F CA-40   COM-F
Max. output [l/min] 20 50 20 50 20 40
Max. pressure [MPa] 3,5 3,5 3,5 3,5 3,5 3,5
Max. grain size [mm] 4 6 4 6 2 2
Max. transport distance [m] 40 40 40 40 40 40
Power input [kW] 3 + 1,5 5,5 + 2,2 3 + 1,5 5,5 + 2,2 3 + 2,6/3 5,5 + 2,6/3
Voltage [V] *) 400 400 230 400 400 400
Weight [kg] 255 360 305 410 355 375
Mixer volume [l] 65 100 65 100 65 100

*) Mains: 3NPE~50Hz, 400V/TN-S

C – spindle machines 
A – activation mixera
M – compulsory mixer (cyclone mixer)

Drive and output regulation:
STANDARD – one speed motor – one output position
DUO – two speed motor – two output positions
COM-F – one speed motor with smooth output regulation – frequency inverter






Practical demonstration


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princip fungovani

Fields of application